Why I do what I do?

The Silver Spell is about honoring my ancestors, the memories they
left behind, and the intangible gifts they endowed onto me. These women taught
me about resilience and love through the art of knitting; Each of them
embodying a ceaseless desire to learn, teach, and persevere. Every stitch was
celebrated while every lesson was accompanied with humor and encouragement, forming
the little person I was. While memories cannot be captured or contained, The
Silver Spell remembers those who came before us and have become invisible.
The Silver Spell makes the invisible, visible.
Through designs of my own and selectively curated ones, I hope to honor
the skills learned from the past with modern whimsy. The Silver Spell embraces
the process of life by offering colorful, unique, high quality items, crafted
by hand and using luxury natural fibers.   
My love of knitting is deeply rooted in my love for my family. When I
knit, I knit for them. When I knit for you, I knit with love.